Flow Release

$39 - 32 oz. w/1 Fine Mist Spray Bottle

A revolutionary flow enhancer and release agent for all silicone and rubber base impression materials, used for more accurate pouring and reproduction of refractory and stone models.

When it is used as directed, Flow Release enables impressions to be poured easily and bubble free as hydrocolloid materials.

Tight fitting porcelain laminates, inlays, onlays and jackets are a a result of a thin film of refractory being left behind in the untreated impression, a problem Flow Release eliminates.

An added feature is its special releasing properties. When using Flow Release, a more accurate refractory is made, rendering better fitting all porcelain restorations.

Simply flood the impression, let is soak for 5 seconds, blow dry with air, then pour stone or refractory.


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